Tips For Losing Weight

It is often quite easy to nurture the idea of losing weight. It is the actual act of losing it that is difficult. When it comes to weight loss, different factors come into play. The natural process of aging, for example, can make losing excess pounds easier or more difficult. As our bodies age, we become less efficient at burning excess calories, which is why we need extra work to do it successfully. The way we lose weight can also be affected by our body build, our diets and lifestyles, the kind of work we do, even the kind of family and friends we have. There are a hundred and one ways to lose weight and many of these are either unhealthy or downright dangerous. The best tips for losing weight are those that allow you to shed extra pounds without compromising your health. Furthermore, these tips also overcome the obstacles presented by factors mentioned earlier. Here are some healthy tips for losing weight that you should consider:

1. Only Eat When You Are Hungry.
Many of us are creatures of habit and this is often through no fault of our own. To accommodate the demands of our work and family, we create a schedule that allows us to incorporate meals in between our activities. Although there is a reason we get hungry in the morning after a good 8 hours’ worth of sleep, the only reason we need to eat at 12 noon may be because it is the designated meal time. We simply eat because we have to or are expected to, even if we are not really hungry. Consider this: if you eat a full breakfast at 9 A.M., then proceed to eat lunch at 12 noon, you really only have 3 hours going between your meals. You may not really be hungry.

Eliminating Food Addiction – Dr. Joel Fuhrman


One of the best tips for losing weight the healthy way is to eat only when you are hungry. Do not eat because you have to, and certainly do not eat just because you have nothing else to do. Hungry is about needing food, not wanting it. Do not overeat. Eat only up to the point of satisfaction and do not wait until you feel full. Eat slowly, chew carefully and allow a few seconds between swallowing and putting in more food in your mouth. If you do feel hungry between meals, grab a healthy snack such as low-fat yogurt, sliced fruits or a nonfat fruit shake.

2. Cut Down Your Junk Food Intake.
Junk food may be enjoyable because of their taste, texture and appearance, but they are simply loading you up with extra calories, the kind that get converted to excess fat. This is the reason why good healthy tips for losing weight always recommend cutting down on junk food, or even eliminating it from your diet completely. These types of food are high in sugar, salt, preservatives and other extras your body does not need such as artificial flavors, food conditioners and colorants. Instead of junk food, choose healthier alternatives such as fruit, nuts, seeds and dark chocolate.Tips For Losing Weight

3. Stick to a Weekly Exercise Routine.
The best tips for losing weight always promote physical exercise because it not only increases metabolism rate, it also promotes respiratory, cardiovascular and circulatory health. With regular exercise, the body can also build resistance against common diseases, keeping your cells and different organs functioning properly. When it comes to losing weight, regular exercise helps burn extra calories and keep them off. Getting physically fit also helps build a mindset of self caring that makes you that much more determined to take charge of yourself and make healthy choices.

4. Eat Healthy and Be Consistent.
Like exercise, a healthy diet is key to losing weight successfully. Change what you eat and you can change your body. Keep in mind that losing weight and keeping it off should not be a temporary pursuit – it should be a lifelong goal. Review your diet and eliminate choices that are high in fat, cholesterol, sugar, salt and artificial additives. In some cases, you may have to substitute healthier options for your regular choices. You could, for example, use margarine, flaxseed oil, virgin coconut oil or olive oil instead of butter. You could enjoy the same texture, taste and appearance without the unnecessary calories.

With your new, healthier diet, you can look forward to a healthier lifestyle. Be consistent and learn to eat with your body’s welfare in mind. You could, of course, splurge from time to time but make these moments the exception rather than the rule. Do not eat anything in excess. The better you can control what you eat, the more effective you will be at managing your weight.

Healthy Tips For Losing Weight

5. Learn To Listen To Your Body.
One of the most effective tips for losing weight is also one of the more frequently overlooked. What you think may be your stomach telling you to fill it up may really be just your brain tempting you to grab that cream-filled doughnut or to order another slice of that thick-glazed chocolate cake. The truth is that we often “eat” with our eyes. What we see as appetizing often registers in our brain as desirable. We hardly stop to consider that things may not be what they seem and that what we see as delicious and good to eat may not be as tasty as we believe. So next time you get tempted, think twice. There is a good chance you’ll say no.

If you follow these healthy tips for losing weight you are sure to see your health and weight significantly improve.